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Clinical Supervision with

-Whitney Smith-Johnson, LCSW

About Whitney

Whitney Smith-Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 7 years of direct experience as a clinician. She is licensed in NC and VA as a LCSW. She has worked in Social Services serving as a Medicaid worker, child welfare social worker, and other medical social worker positions. When she made her transition from social worker to clinical social worker, she began at a community based agency. She served in doctors offices, community based agencies, schools and private practices as a clinical social worker. She ended her employee career as a clinical program director over 7 NC enhanced programs, supervising over 30 plus staff! She is trained in DBT, RCBT and many more treatment modalities. She is a DLA 20 Accredited trainer and Triple P Practitioner. Whitney's targeted population that she has gained most of her experience with has been adults and children. She specializes in treating Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder I & II, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, ODD, trauma and Dependent personality disorder. As a current clinician Whitney no longer provides services to children, but she enjoys training others in effectively serving children as a clinical social worker. Whitney has created a NC-NASW accredited training for LCSWA's.  Whitney understands both sides of being a direct worker and administrator at the same time, and aspires to assist other to master this skill!


Clinical Supervision Programs

Whitney offers 3 options of clinical supervision with her.

  1. Private individual supervision only

    1. Supervision is only provided to a supervisee and fees are covered solely by the supervisee.​

  2. Agency supervision

    1. Supervision is offered free to supervisees who are contracted with Release it Counseling as a part time contractor.​

  3. Empowered Clinicians Program 

    1. Supervision is offered free to supervisees who are contracted with Release it Counseling as a PRN contractor. ​

Clinical Supervision Fee:
$125 per hour

Empowered Clinicians Program

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Empowered Clinicians is a professional mentorship program for NC & VA provisionally licensed clinicians who are newly licensed, with little to no clinical experience. You may be seeking to get your feet wet slowly and not feel like you aren't allowed the time to build your skill and craft. In the Empowered Clinicians program, you will be led by Whitney Smith, LCSW in all clinical treatment that she specializes in. You will have a caseload of 4-5 sessions per week at Release it Counseling. Many agencies that offer free supervision to their staff, they require one to maintain a full caseload. This can be stressful to new clinicians, and quite often intimidating. The Empowered Clinicians program is to assist in helping new clinicians build their confidence, find their niche all while being adequately clinically trained. When one is in clinical supervision they should feel confident as a professional and their clinical abilities. The Empowered Clinicians program allows one to be introduced into the clinical work experience and supervision with confidence, without feeling overwhelmed of having a full caseload. 

  •  This program begins at 6 months

  • Supervisees are PRN status with Release it Counseling; and must maintain a caseload of 4-5 sessions per week

  • Supervisees are paid a PRN rate 

  • Supervisees are offered part time positions with Release it Counseling after 6 months, at a part time rate per session. 

  • Clinical supervision of provisionally license social worker is provided for free

  • Can provide both telehealth and face to face sessions

  • Supervisee makes their own schedule

If you are interested please apply below!

If you are interested in individual private supervision you may submit your consultation form below.
If you are interested in Agency supervision you may complete an employment application below.
Whitney is registered with both NC and VA as a LCSW-Supervisor. You may verify by selecting the desired state below.
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