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Clinical Supervision with

-Whitney Smith-Johnson, LCSW

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About Whitney

        Meet Whitney Smith-Johnson, a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a rich background spanning 7 years as a clinician. Holding licenses in both NC, Texas and VA, Whitney's journey began in Social Services, where she served as a Medicaid worker, child welfare social worker, and in various medical social worker roles. Transitioning to clinical social work, she initially worked in a community-based agency, providing her expertise in doctors' offices, schools, and private practices.

        Whitney's career trajectory reached new heights when she assumed the role of a clinical program director, overseeing 7 NC enhanced programs and supervising a team of 30-plus staff. Trained in modalities such as DBT, RCBT, and more, she is a DLA 20 Accredited trainer and Triple P Practitioner. Although she no longer provides services to children, Whitney remains passionate about training others in effectively serving children as clinical social workers.

         With a focus on adults, Whitney specializes in treating conditions such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder I & II, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, ODD, trauma, and Dependent personality disorder. As a current clinician, she has created an NC-NASW accredited training for LCSWA's, showcasing her commitment to empowering fellow professionals. Whitney's unique perspective, bridging the worlds of direct work and administration, positions her as a mentor aspiring to guide others in mastering this skill.

Clinical Supervision Programs

Whitney offers 2 options of clinical supervision with her.

  1. Private individual supervision only

    1. Supervision is only provided to a supervisee and fees are covered solely by the supervisee.​

  2. Agency supervision

    1. Supervision is offered free to supervisees who are contracted with Release it Counseling as a part time contractor.​

Clinical Supervision Fee:
$125 per hour

Empowered Clinicians Program

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Ask more about our Empowered Clinicians Program!

If you are interested in individual private supervision you may submit your consultation form below.
If you are interested in Agency supervision you may complete an employment application below.
Whitney is registered with both NC and VA as a LCSW-Supervisor. You may verify by selecting the desired state below.
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