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Frequently Asked Question's

  • Q: How are sessions conducted?

    • A: Release it Counseling is a hybrid office; meaning we conduct both face to face and telehealth sessions. Ultimately, we recommend that clients selecting Release it Counseling be open to tele-health sessions, as we cannot guarantee face to face sessions for every session.

  • Q: Do you conduct free 15 min consultations?

    • A: No, we do not offer free phone consultations. Please review each therapist bio HERE

  • Q: What insurance do you accept?

    • A: Please click on this link INSURANCES to view our accepted insurances.​

  • Q: How much are sessions for someone who doesn't have insurance?

    • A: You may view our RATES HERE. We offer a sliding fee scale for those who meet our income requirements. ​

  • Q: What are your hours?

    • A: Our main office hours are Monday-Thursday 9:30a-4:00pm. Each therapist at Release it Counseling has their own therapy hours that they offer, that can be subjected to change. You may view our therapists' by clicking HERE.

  • Q: Do you see children for therapy? Or Couples Therapy?

  • Q: What are some therapy modalities you use?

    • A: We use many different modalities, but our main ones are Religous Cognitive Behavioral therapy (RCBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Mindfulness and more. These modalities focuses on the mind; being aware of what you think and having more positive thinking habits. We understand how important Romans 12:2 is in every person's life when committing to changing for the better.

  • Q: What are your techniques of Christian Counseling

    • A: Prayer & Fasting, Scriptural meditation, mind renewal through postive thinking​

  • Q: How can Chrisitian counseling help me?

    • A: ​Christian counseling is a therapeutic approach that integrates psychological principles with Christian faith and values. It focuses on bringing the mind (soul), body, and spirit into divine alignment with Christ. The goal is to help individuals understand the profound connection between their spirit and overall well-being. In Christian counseling, the emphasis is on experiencing the internal power and strength referenced in Philippians 4:13. Many individuals may feel a sense of disarray or imbalance due to various factors such as trauma, pain, fear, or life transitions. Christian counseling provides a supportive environment to address these challenges.The process allows individuals to establish a secure foundation, rooted in a positive belief system, and instills hope for a better life. By recognizing the spiritual aspect of one's being, Christian counseling helps individuals build discernment by listening to their inner voice. This, in turn, promotes confidence in making life decisions.Ultimately, Christian counseling aims to guide individuals towards a secure and loving relationship with themselves, acknowledging the divine person they have been created to be.

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