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Elektra Smith

Supervisee of Clinical Social Work

CSAC Supervisee


757-347-0703 ext 2



Accepting new clients


Scheduling Hours:

Wed, Thurs, Friday; 10a-2p

Session Locality: 

In Suffolk Office and Virginia Telehealth

A Bit About Me

Elektra Smith is a dedicated Supervisee in Social Work, holding a Bachelor’s degree from Norfolk State University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Walden University. With a heartfelt commitment to fostering positive change, Elektra has immersed herself in serving diverse communities, particularly focusing on mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse populations.  Her professional journey was deeply influenced by her personal experiences, having received therapy during her adolescent years. This firsthand understanding of the transformative power of therapy fuels her passion for helping others achieve total wellbeing. Mrs. Smith has experience working with at risk youth, their families & caregivers providing them with the tools and resources to help improve the child’s behavioral health and total functioning of the family system.

Elektra's therapeutic approach is grounded in a person-centered methodology with a strengths-based perspective, aiming to create a compassionate and understanding environment for her clients. She specializes in addressing a range of issues including Depression, Anxiety, Emotional Distress, Low Self-Esteem, Acute trauma, Chronic trauma, Domestic abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Substance Abuse related issues. However, her primary focus lies in providing therapy for women survivors of traumatic or abusive situations. 

Mrs. Smith is dedicated to helping individuals recognize their innate ability to heal and be made whole. She guides her clients through their journey of overcoming trauma with encouragement, empowerment, and education, while also incorporating Christian faith principles for those who find them meaningful. 

Elektra aspires to create a safe and nurturing space where clients can explore their identity as healed individuals and find guidance and support in areas of their lives that need improvement. Her unwavering commitment to providing competent and compassionate therapy, particularly to women survivors of sexual abuse, substance abuse, and their families, reflects her dedication to facilitating positive change in the lives of those she serves. 

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