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Meet Our Team

Vision Statement

We envision a world where many are confidently and freely walking in their divine destiny; being who God has purposed them to be. Driven by our purpose and passion we aim to inspire others to live in mental wellness, joy and peace.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to confront the broken places in the lives of those who are in mental bondage, with truth, power and WISE COUNSEL. This is through uplifting and inspiring others through Christ by our Godly wisdom and clinical knowledge. We allow ourselves to be used as vessels of Christ to help others live in mental wellness. Allowing them to get their body, soul and spirit in divine alignment with God's promise for their life; which is healing, joy and peace.

Mrs. Whitney holds you accountable with the word of God. She helps you understand what part you play in your deliverance . She is reliable and dictated to her patients and God.

I am glad that I found this local Christian counseling facility. My therapy sessions are virtual but have the same feel as if I was in-person. I love working with my therapist. She is a great fit for my therapy needs helping me to navigate life transitions and changing family dynamics. 

I love, love, love working with my therapist. She is understanding, kind-hearted, and open-minded. I feel like I have known her for years. I use the virtual option which is convenient and I feel the connection as if we were face to face. My therapist gives me both practical and spiritual advice. She prays for me and with me. (Cameo)

"Ms. Cameo is just what my husband and I needed. She holds us accountable, flows in the spirit and has truly helped us work through challenges big and small."

"I’m so glad I found Mrs. Whitney. She makes me feel so comfortable, she allows me to be me with no judgement. We laugh together, cry together and she even prays for me. Mrs. Whitney is the truth!!!"

Apply Today

We are seeking team members to further the advancement of this organization. If you're interested in joining please visit the link below.

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