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No matter where you go, there's a process to get there. The journey you have to travel may be pleasing to you or discouraging, but you must keep traveling. Everyone is born with a purpose in life; God hasn’t created anyone without purpose. Jeremiah 29:11 states that God has a plan for us all! Often times an individual misses their purpose, because they out run the process, versus outliving it. This book is about outliving your process to living in your purpose. Within this book the author discusses some of the journey she traveled to live in her purpose. She discusses how she went from homeless to a homeowner, rejected to revered and worthless to worthy. Grab your copy today and be enlightened on finding power in some of the most faith crippling moments. Also don't forget to grab your workbook edition of this book! The author who is also a licensed therapist, created a therapeutic workbook that promotes utilizing mental and spiritual interventions for a prosperous and powerful life.

There's Power in the Process: The Journey to your Process

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