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Be  Empowered 

Empower yourself with the promise of God's strength, love, and freedom. In the face of life's challenges, remember that you are created in His image. Rise above the attacks, break free from the chains, and embrace victory. It's time to believe in your power and walk confidently in the assurance that you are destined for triumph.

All About Me

Psychotherapist, CEO, Author, Podcast Host

   Welcome to my world, where resilience is not just a word—it's a way of life. I'm Whitney Smith-Johnson, a Psychotherapist, CEO, Self-Published Author, and Podcast Host. Yes, I wear many hats, and each one tells a story of triumph over adversity.

About Me

   I am the founder of Daughters of Zion Restoration Inc., a 501c3 Homeless Shelter Center, dedicated to providing refuge and restoration. As the CEO of Your Business CCC & Release it Counseling, I navigate the realms of entrepreneurship and counseling with a commitment to healing and freedom.

A Journey of Resilience

   My life's journey has taken me from homelessness, rejection, and feeling unworthy to becoming a homeowner, revered, and truly worthy. Positioned by God, I've faced trials and tribulations, each met with the perseverance that defines my resilience.

Mission & Calling

  God has called and chosen me to prophesy into the lives of women battling low self-esteem, victory blindness, and purpose insecurity. I understand the struggles of being a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, trying to meet societal standards while staying true to one's purpose.

"Christian Girls Heal"

   I've adopted the proverb that "Christian Girls Heal." From living by societal standards to embracing Jesus's grace, I've learned to forgive myself, release those who hurt me, and break free from societal norms. Isaiah 53:5 assures us of God's will for healing, and I stand as a testament that we can be healed and free.

   So when you see me, you see a Christian girl who once lived by the law but now lives by grace. To those who see my past, and to those who see my latter, I declare, "Christian Girls Heal!"

Join me on this journey of healing, freedom, and purpose.


You have the power to reach your divine destiny, by releasing the old, renewing your mind & ultimately renewing your life!

-Whitney Smith-Johnson, LCSW


New Book Release

There's Power in The Process: The Birthing of Your Purpose

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