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The Path to Redemption

Substance Abuse Case management

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Release it Counseling now offers a pilot free Substance Abuse Case management program. Our new program is called "The Path to Redemption." We are aware of the struggle, strain and bondage that substance abuse can cause someone. Therefore, we've formed a case management program to assist you while you are in Substance abuse treatment at Release it Counseling to assist you on your journey of deliverance. 

    What does our program provide?

  • Providing guidance for a secure and safe living environment

  • Health management

  • Assistance with any socioeconomic barriers

  • Linking and coordinating clients to needed community resources.

About Program

Our Path to Redemption is a great program for those who desire to not only be sober, but to walk a life of sobriety. Many begin to use substance due to many contributing factors. Path to Redemption's focus is to combat many fo the driver agents that contriuted to ones substance abuse addictions. Whether it was poverty or etc. it's our goal to assist you in overcoming those chains that asssisted in keeping you in bondage to substance use. Therapy is a great start, but you must walk it like you talk it, and our program will help you do just that.

Our subtance abuse case manager works hand and hand with our Subtance abuse counselors to ensure that you are able to acheive the goals from your treatment plan. Our staff are more than just a support, but we understand the impact of Substance abuse on ones life. You don't have to feel like you are alone, but Jesus is with you and ready to walk you on that path of redemption! Allow our agency to assist you beyond just therapy through deliverance, but also down that path of redemption.


"From condemned to redeemed"

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